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Need a VISA or Looking for permanent residency?

Meet Our Migration Team

We love our multi-cultural society and that many others who came to visit us or for refuge, love it too and would like to stay. To meet a growing demand in this area, Briese Lawyers are pleased to introduce a registered Migration Agent to our team to provide assistance with Visa and Residency applications.

Our Registered Migration Agent is also a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the High Court of Australia. Our migration team strives to provide you with professional advice and assistance in order that you can achieve the best outcome of your application.

Below are some common visa types. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has made available 190 visa types for those interested in staying in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. Contact our migration team to find out which visa type is the best option for you.

Our Professional Services 

General Skilled Migration

This visa is suitable for people who are skilled (those who fall into the appropriate skilled category) and who can satisfy the ‘points test’. Points can be allocated to you based on your factors such as your age, qualification, Australian studies, English language ability, employment experience and partner qualification. You will also need to meet the health, character and other relevant requirements.

Employer Sponsored Visas

This visa type is for those who have an employer or prospective employer who is willing and able to sponsor them. If you fall under this category, it may provide you with a swifter pathway to permanent residency as compared to the other visa types. Requirements such as skills and qualifications, English language ability and other relevant requirements will apply.

Partner visas/ Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa type is suitable for international people who intend to be married to or are in a de facto relationship with an Australia Citizen, Permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa type offer a more straightforward pathway to permanent residency, in that one does not have to show English language ability or skill and qualification. Applicants will still have to comply with the health, character and other relevant requirements.

Family Visas

There are various types of family visa options for parents, children and relatives overseas who wish to be reunited with their family members in Australia. 

Refugee/ Humanitarian visa

This visa type is suitable for refugees or for those who are in need of protection from their home countries or usual residential countries and it offers applicants a pathway to permanently settle in Australia. 

Student Visas

Student Visas are for international students who wish to further their education in Australia. If you are international student who wish to remain in Australia after the duration of your course, there are other visa options available for you. Contact our migration team to discuss which is the best way forward for you.

Visitor’s Visas

This visa type is for visitors who wish to visit Australia for holiday purposes or undertake short-term study in Australia

Business Visas

This visa type is for business owners or investors who wish to enter Australia on a temporary basis or wish to settle in Australia on a permanent basis.

Citizenship Applications

Citizenship Applications are for those who have been granted permanent residency and would like to become Australian Citizens.


Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN) is 1797340

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